JIGU Original Laptop Battery AC14B18J FOR ACER Aspire E3-111 E5-731 E5-771G ES1-511 ES1-711 R13 R3-131T R5-471T R7-372T

Processing time 1-5 days
Shipping time from China to United States / Europe 7-14 days
Shipping time from China to WW 10-30 days
Shipping cost $3.6 per order
  • Product details
  • Battery Voltage: 11.46V
  • Brand Name: JIGU
  • Compatible Brand: Acer
  • Model Number: AC14B18J
  • Package: Yes
  • Package:: Individual brown neutral box
  • Place of Origin:: China (Mainland)
  • Product Type:: Oriainal Battery
  • Type: Li-Ion
  • Warranty:: 1 year warranty



100% Original battery

100% guarantee tested ok before shipment


 You can see comparison pictures, by the shape of the battery and battery power interface to further determine your battery needs.


FOR Acer KT.0040G.004 laptop batteries can replace the following part number:
4ICP5/57/80 KT.0030G.004
AC14B18J KT.0040G.004
KT.0040G.004 laptop battery is compatible with the following models :
FOR A31Aspire E3-111 FOR Aspire R7-371T
FOR Aspire E3-112 FOR Aspire R7-372T
FOR Aspire E3-112M FOR Aspire S13 R5-371T
FOR Aspire E5-731 FOR Aspire V13
FOR Aspire E5-731G FOR Aspire V13(Hello Kitty x Line)
FOR Aspire E5-771 FOR Aspire V3-111
FOR Aspire E5-771G FOR Aspire V3-111P
FOR Aspire ES1-511 FOR Aspire V3-112P
FOR Aspire ES1-512 FOR Aspire V3-371
FOR Aspire ES1-572 FOR Aspire V3-372
FOR Aspire ES1-711 FOR Aspire V5-122
FOR Aspire ES1-711G FOR Aspire V5-122P
FOR Aspire R13 FOR Aspire V5-132
FOR Aspire R5-471T FOR Aspire V5-132P
FOR Aspire R5-571T FOR C910
FOR Aspire R5-571TG FOR Chromebook 13 CB5-311
FOR Chrombook 11 CB3-111 FOR Chromebook 15 CB5-571
FOR Chromebook 13 C810 FOR Spin 5 SP513-51
FOR TravelMate B115-MP FOR TMP276-MG-5070
FOR TravelMate X349 FOR TravelMate B115-M




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